PEB Fabrication

Submerged arc Welding

Submerged arc welding is most widely used method for welding thick section in down hand position being a highly economical method for fabrication. As products must meet more stringent requirement of quality, requiring more flexible processes to reduce cost. Quality control aspects are also becoming more important to meet regulation and monitoring and control of welding processes.



  • High metal deposition rates can be achieved. Single pass welds can be made in thick plates with normal equipment.
  • Welding is carried out without sparks, smoke, flash or spatter.
  • Weld metal deposit possesses uniformity, good ductility, corrosion resistance and good impact strength.
  • Molten flux provides very suitable conditions for high current to flow. Because of high heat concentration, considerably higher welding speeds can be caused.

CNC Plasma Cutting

High Quality & Accurate Cut

 Plasma cutting is a process that cuts through electrically conductive materials by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma. Typical materials cut with a plasma torch include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper. High precision CNC plasma cutting ensures high quality cut with smooth edge surface which is most perfect for welding process. It can achieve a comparable quality level to laser cutting. Also we can cut various complex and contour shapes without difficulty.


  • Plate thickness: 0,8 mm up to 150 mm


  • High Quality Cut
  • Smooth Edge Surfaces
  • Metallurgical perfect surfaces for welding
  • Excellent cutting speed
  • Wide range of material
  • Wide range of thickness
  • One and more cutting torches
  • Keeps materials cool
Plasma Cutting

Space Frame Manufacturing

Research and Development

The Development of the Dowel Pin System in our Member Assembly allows us to dismantle and Reassemble the Space frames Structure many times without cracking the Collar Assembly.

Our Design and Detailing team is equipped with the most advanced Software for Design Calculations, Analysis, 3D Modelling and Detailing. We use either Indian or international Codes ( AISC,ANSI and ASCE ) for Designing and Analysis as per our Client Requirement. We work on both Ball Joint System and Welded Joint System. Detailing is done using Techla Software for high accuracy.

Pipe / Member Fabrication

The Cone and Collar assembly is welded to Pipe / Member through MIG Welding Process. The Weld Quality is checked using Magnetic Partial Inspection.

Corrosion and Fire Protection

Recommended Coating Systems :
a. Primer Coating – Epoxy / Zinc Phosphate / Zinc Chromate.
b. Epoxy Coating – for Seashore Areas where Corrosion is High.
c. Enamel Coating – 150 to 300 Microns, Based on Clients Requirement. (Most commonly used Coating System due to its ready Availability And flexibility in Repainting)
d .Fire Protection – Optional – As recommended by the Client. ( Brand : Akzo nobel International)

Ball / Node Manufacturing

Spherical Nodes(Solid Balls) are manufactured using VMC Machines. Special holding devices were developed for CNC machining, Hole making and Thread forming.Holes are drilled with as much as 8 to 16 holes in various axes,. The Machining Size of the ball varies from dia 33 to dia 200. The Overall tolerance limit is +or- 50 microns in all the Operations of Ball making.

Ball Node 1

Structural Design

STAAD Pro Stands For Structural Analysis And Designing Program. It is Faster Method of Designing the Structure and it does not involve any Manual calculation. The Buildings shall be designed in accordance with the specification of Indian Standards.

i. Fabrication tolerance in accordance with IS 7215-1974 and Metal Building Manufactures Associaton (MBMA).

ii. Welding process, Procedure and Qualification in accordance with applicable requirments of structural welding code IS 819-1979, IS 1024-1979 and IS 1261-1959.

TEKLA DETAILING : Tekla Structures is powerful and flexible software for structural steel Detailing. We can create a detailed, constructible 3D model of any steel structure from industrial and commercial buildings to stadiums and high rise buildings. Working with Tekla software is the most productive way to manage detailing and realize the benefits of the model in fabrication and erection. This gives you support for delivering your projects error free and on time.

Design and detailing


Our ERP system was developed over a period of 3 years. Working with the industry best international business consultants, Our ERP system aims mainly in fulfilling the commitments to customers. A completion schedule is derived once the project is finalized. Based on the time chart, each departments is given a specific time frame. This time frame is further managed by signals (green, orange, red and grey colour). Every step of the project is promptly informed to the client. One ERP system makes sure that our project management departments will inform the project updates to our client before they call up.

Safety Standards

  • We ensures that our GSSPL Certified Building Contractors Team conduct all operations as safely and efficiently as Possible.
  • To abide by all safety regulations for the Central, State, Local and End-Customer.
  • Develop, monitor, and enforce safety policies and practices.
  • Aid the possible job site environment in order to prevent accidents.
  • Authorise a trained, experienced and competent personnel and supervision.
  • Assist the worker with adequate information, instruction, and training.
  • Effective communication on Health and Safety matters.

The training provides safety awareness,knowledge that employees are required to have before entering the construction site. It provides a basic understanding of operations, and focuses on all safety aspects that a new hire needs to consider. It helps to acquire the necessary safety awareness in site.

safety standards
safety standards

Quality Assurance

The entire manufacturing of Pre Engineered Building parts / assembly and Space frames under goes various strict inspection stages such as Inward Inspection, In-process Inspection and Final inspection which includes Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing’s as per the Quality Plan. Quality assurance team will undertake quality control checks at each stage of manufacturing process to ensure the quality of our Buildings.