Core Competence

  • Geometrics, a pioneering Company in the field of Structural Engineering have executed a number of complex projects, in conjunction with the requirements of our esteemed clients and the professional demands of pre-eminent Architects like Shanker & Associates, GS & Associates, CRN, PTK, Design Consortium, Arun & Associates and many other leading Architects. Over the years though our commitment and ongoing Research and Development we have been able to execute projects with a clear span of over 200 feet.
  • We have also undertaken construction of Innovative Structures for Institutions and Industries and have completed the same without escalation in costs and to the full satisfaction of our Customers.
  • Another area of our core strength is an effective ERP system for Marketing, Design, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Logistics and Project Management and through this system we strive for successful completion of the project within the stipulated schedule time frame.
  • Also an area which demands our continued focus is Functional Aesthetics especially to clients who want something new in their structures. Every project completed by Geometrics is Unique in its own criterion.
  • With our comprehensive awareness of structural knowledge we have a wide array of Structural Products to suit varied customer needs viz Space Frame Structures, Pre-Engineered Buildings, and Multi Storied Steel Building.