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The experience gained for these Architectural Structures right from Designing, Detailing, Fabrication and Installation is so enormous that every day Geometrics Team learns from its mistakes and gears up to new Challenges. The fact that we focus on Complicated Architectural Structures stands as a testimony for repeated Orders we receive from Esteemed Architects and Clients across India. We have established ourselves as an Organisation which executes Complex Architectural Projects.

Following are few recommended shapes of Multi Utility Auditoriums and Sports Complex. For More Forms and Shapes kindly Contact Us. Depending on your Requirement we can suggest better Options and Choices of your preference. The Arched, Elliptical, Parabolic, Sp lined Curves are all inspired from a World Renowned Architect – Nature. We have a dedicated team of experts working on Shapes derived from Nature. Right from a small petal of a flower to cobweb of a spider, all are Natures Creations and these shapes are Extremely Stable and Prominent. We work on these Natural Shapes based on the Fibonacci sequence. We are Simple Reverse Engineering People who adapt these Designs in our Projects.

Fibonacci Sequence:

Fibonacci numbers are a sequence discovered by Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci in the 13th century. The sequence is 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, and 89 on to infinity. The sequence has a series of interesting properties. The sum of any two consecutive numbers equals the next highest number. We adopt this Golden Ratio in our Architectural Structures, making our structure look more natural and elegant.



The Architect Mr. Jitesh of White Ink designed a real masterpiece. This was a real futuristic structure of single layered monolithic design, spanning over a 32 m. Every aspect right from Designing, Detailing, Fabrication and Installing was complex. There were over 1000 individual members which had to be Profiled, Bent and Twisted in all the 3 axes X,Y and Z. The real challenge was that Hydraulic Bending for Pipes is not available in India above certain Pipe Sizes. So bending and twisting had to be done manually which resulted in longer lead time. 10 mm – 5 layered Multi wall Bayer Poly carbonate Sheets were used to cover the area.

St. Josephs College 

An impressive sight of a free-form surface of steel spans the St. Joseph’s College with a unique appearance. Built in an Area covering 10000 Sq.Mtrs, spanning :72 Mtrs outer to outer and 150 Mtrs Length . The Challenge faced was that the entire structure had to be erected on the First Floor. The difficulty was the humongous span that requires a minimum of 3 Cranes to erect if the structure is on the ground floor. Since it was to be built on the First Floor and the Site limitation was that there was space for Crane movement only at the leeward side of the building,( image ). A Single Crane had to be used battling the enormous uplift of Crane while lifting the massive Rafters to be hoisted on the Triangular Tapered Column. Our Expert Installation Team managed to Install the Structure Successfully and delivered the Project on time.

Karpagam College

Karpagam University 

A curved, flowing roof structure constructed for the purpose of outdoor stadium at Karpagam University. The roof was topped with the steel formed wave-like Spline Curve Structure. It was built in an area of 3250 Sq.Mtrs. Special Umbrella Column were designed to hold the Wave Pattern Rafters. The Design of the Structure is not Symmetric and thus the Installation process had to be meticulously planned, since the eccentric loading had to be managed while hoisting.


This project has a Span of 40 Mtrs, clear, resting on RCC Column of Height 6 Mtrs. The Project was an engineering challenge and installing the smooth curved structure was achieved by using advanced Laser Cutting Process. The challenge was that the structure had to be installed on 6 Mtrs., RC Column on one end and 6 Mtrs, RC Columns plus 5.5 Mtrs., Steel Column at the opposite end. Suitable bracings were provided to counteract the Thrust on RC Columns. This facility is 100% Export Oriented Printing Unit.

Texmo Industries

Texmo Industries 

This project is of particular importance in Geometric’s career because the project had to be installed on the existing Random Rubble Masonry which was constructed before 30 years. Elaborate analysis was made by our Professor Dr.GS. Venkatasubramaniam to achieve the right structural proposition. The challenge of designing space frame was well handled by St.Er.Arun. The approval process alone took months before the fabrication and installation started at site. The project was completed with a record time of 6 months. The challenge was to design a space frame structured which had to be light weight and should span 48.75m.The structure was built for Texmo covering 18000 Sq.Mtrs. of Space Frames Structure, used as Machine Shop.


The Project was particular a challenge because the structure had to be joined with the existing building with a span of 58.5 Mtrs., and a lean to of 15.85 Mtrs., for the low bay and Clear Span of 58.5 Mtrs., for the high bay. Jack beams for supporting the Crain movement at the high bay area and an aesthetic V-type column support for the canopy particularly designed and suggested by the Clients.

Saranya Spinning Mills
Sowdesvary School

Sowdesweri School 

The roof structure is designed to fulfil the purpose of a Multi Utility Outdoor Auditorium at Sri Sowdeswari Vidyalaya School. It was built with Spaceframes Ball Joint Systems with the dimension of 46 Mtrs Span. Assembling and Installing Full Area Spaceframes was a challenge for the Installation Contractors. Spaceframes are generally lightweight structures, but Air Assembling the Nodes and Members is a real art which requires patience and practice. The torque in Sleeve Bolts had to be in perfect equilibrium to achieve the desirable Barrel Vault Shape.


Visually stunning, the project span’s 30 m clear and 10 m height covering an area of 6000 Sq.Mt. The project stands as a testament of pure experience and learning over the years. Geometrics focuses on ‘Micro Detailing’ and ‘Zero Error’ installation practices. This facility is a 100% Export Oriented Unit.

Susheel Hari School

Sushilhari School 

Modern Architectural Design with curvy shaped steel roof constructed for Amphi Theatre using the Space Frames Building System – Welded Joint. This structure was built in the dimension of Clear Span of 51 Mtrs. and Length of 39 Mtrs. Space frame structures are generally preferred over PEB’s for Auditoriums and Sports Stadiums due to its aesthetics and prominence. This Project faced challenges like, very minimum lead space for erecting these huge Spaceframes structures.

Kovai Hyundai 

Constructed for Hyundai Car Showroom with a span of 126’ Clear, this Project incorporated all the design elements envisioned by Hyundai Design Team. In addition to regular Design Concept the Design team required a Flower Like Column Structure for the Entrance Elevation which was not in any of their existing Showrooms. The Challenge was, there Structure has to look Aesthetically Stunning and also need to support the entire front Facade of the Showroom. We have managed to execute the Project with all the Standards and Specification and to the fullest satisfaction of Our Customer.

Hyundai Car Showroom
Mr. Ramkumar

Mr. Ramkumar

As experimentation of Geometry in a Single Campus. Just like our Vision of Innovation, Our Client needed to Incorporate all the Geometrical Shapes for his Project. We have executed a Spline, A Type and Arched System.

Asian Paints

This Project is a Ware House for Asian Paints covering 1 Lakhs SqFt. The Span is 225’ and Length is 450’ with Intermediate Columns. The Project is executed in the outskirts of Coimbatore. Executing Such Mega Projects required great experience and our Installation team pulled it off with ease. Our main Strength is “Micro Detailing” and “Zero Error Installation”, which we follow for all our Projects.

Asian Paints


This Project is of Particulate Importance due to its very limited Time Duration of Execution. Mr. Hafeez of M/s.TPK, Tirupur was the Primary Contractor for the Project and Project has to be completed within 90 Days including Civil. We have accepted the challenge and have Supplied and Installed our PEB Structure before the Time Schedule. The entire Project was Handover within 86 Days. Customer Satisfaction is everything and we have assurance of Further Projects. We value this Project very much due to the fact that we were executing our Project On Time, but we learnt to execute Before Time through this Project.


Located in Western Ghats, Kerala the Structure was constructed along the Slope of the Mountain. The Project is 6000 Sq.Mtrs with 10 individual Compartment. Extreme measures were taken at the time of bed bolt fixing for Precision and Accuracy. Filling up land was not an option, since the Structure have to take the shape of Terrine. The result was that all the Individual Structures were connected and the Dimensions were all the same.


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