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Space Frames Ball Joint Systems A Space Frame is a truss like, lightweight rigid structure constructed from interlocking struts in a geometric pattern. Space frames usually utilize a multidirectional span, and are often used to accomplish long spans with few supports.

They derive their strength from the inherent rigidity of the triangular frame; flexing loads (bending moments) are transmitted as tension and compression loads along the length of each strut. The space frames are constructed of correlated members and nodes. The members and nodes are connected by high tensile bolts. The size of the members, nodes and high tensile bolts determined from the structural design.

Space Frames Building Systems Space frame building systems is a new alternative for the Pre Engineered Building Systems. SFBS are extremely rigid and stable when compared to any other existing structural systems. This is widely used in all most all the International Air Terminals.

Suitable research and development was made to make this system applicable for Industrial / Institution applications. Its great aesthetic and sturdy appearance make it a good choice for architects and structural engineers to use SFBS in their projects.

Customized Architectural Structures A unique structure is very hard to design and develop. The most important part of architecture is the designing process in which a blue print of the structure is created, as it lays the foundation of great structures.

It requires immense creative skills and unique innovative ideas to prepare a final design of any structure.

Furthermore, architectural design is an implausible source of inspiration for designers, as it providers ingenious design ideas to designers to let them create their own. So, we have brought few of the possible architectural designs in order to get inspiration of creating more inventive designs.

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings PEB System offers significant cost and performance advantage over conventional methods. With system construction, each part is engineered and designed to assemble together. So a Pre-Engineered Building can be built with great speed and precision.

Clear span systems with tapered columns and rafters, combined with bypass grits give optimum clear span capabilities. The column free interior space is ideal for buildings such as auditoriums, stadiums and aircraft hangers.

Modular span systems have all the features of clear span frames. By adding interior column the frame will span greater widths when one, two, or three rows of interior columns are not a hindrance. This economical design is practical for office, ware house, Industrial and commercial uses.

Pre Fabricated Systems GSSPL provides pre fabricated structures also by which we can build a uniquely-designed steel building with superior strength and durability that is engineered to your own specific needs and designed with your own distinctive look.

We can design practically any truss in steel. Our software allows you to see exactly what your design will look like, and will optimize each truss to insure a cost-effective product before fabrication. We build the way you want it.